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A thing to keep in mind, dear Venus in Libra, that genuine balance comes when you place equal consideration to both your external and internal worlds. You're exceptionally perceptive, and it feels natural for you to quiet your emotions so your brain think with objectivity.

Astrology Forecast (Sept. 1, 2018 – Jan. 1, 12222): Venus Transits Libra

Your unmistakable clarity and ability to see all sides of an argument mean that you can settle on the best actions and choices for your future. You aren't a person of force or intensity - rather, you flourish when you find the middle ground; where balance and steadiness reign. With your Venus in Libra, you have an extraordinary eye for style and love to be surrounded by beauty.

You're blessed with great taste, and appreciate communicating everything that needs to be conveyed through your appearance. Those with Venus in Libra are friendly and kind spirits whose brilliant light shines brightly for those that are searching for someone to understand them. We love our supporters. Subscribers get exclusive offers.

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Venus Transit

Stacking Rings Collection. Zodiac Jewelry Collection. Venus in Libra does very well in a career in the arts and entertainment field, interior design, as a personal dresser, human resources professional or mediator. If you are in any of these professions, this should be a good time for you. Make sure you are networking and promoting your services during this transit as you are likely to be well-received. Someone with Venus in Libra in their birth-chart has very high standards for the physical attributes of their partner.

True story : a woman with Venus in Libra noticed every single physical characteristic about a prospective mate. She had very specific requirements. This greatly limited her pool of possible partners and subsequently she stayed single well into her fifties at which point she decided to adjust her stringent requirements. Sadly, she missed out on the opportunity of having children and a family because she was so focused on finding her ideal man.


Where in your life are you being too particular about the way things look? Can you drop some of your high expectations to give yourself an easier life? Current Astrology Articles. September 13, Current Astrology Articles. Get that weight off your shoulders. Speak to a psychic guide NOW!

Transit of Venus: How will it affect the love life of Libra?

Call one of our agents to help you: Our website uses cookies to improve your experience and provide personalised content. Love is, above all else, a two-way street during Venus in Libra. Because Libra is so concerned with fairness and equality, imbalanced relationships will stick out like a sore thumb during this transit.

Does one of you have stronger feelings than the other? Is one of you putting more work into the partnership than the other? Thankfully, this transit also blesses us with the cooperation and grace to work together to make positive changes and start anew.

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Though both Venus and Libra are strongly connected to our love lives, this planet and sign are also very interested in beauty and style. While Venus is in Libra, we want to surround ourselves with things that make us feel breezy, beautiful, and at ease.

Libra Stellium 3rd House

Spending a little on an updated look or on fresh decor for the home can bring us a renewed sense of pleasure and confidence now. Venus in Libra is a time to love with your whole heart. Cooperate with others, strive for peace, and live lightly, and you can make the most of this beautiful transit. People born with Venus in Libra are peaceful, cooperative, and honest by nature.

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