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Additionally, any unpredictability or insecurity in your relationship will always be a big turn-off. When it comes to sex and passion, your best bet here is to let your animal instincts run wild. Part of what this fiery individual is looking for is the experience of pure, explosive passion.

Love Match for Taurus

The best way to correct this is to teach your always-in-a-rush partner about the beauty of the slow buildup. Taking Aries right to the edge before allowing your fiery friend to release all that raw sexual energy will only make the magic moment more spectacular for you both. The trick will be to fight for dominance so you can set the pace. The problems might start when you try to figure out who is going to get things started. The amount of fretting and worrying you do about being loved will probably turn out to be just a waste of time.

When the two of you do finally get together, set aside a lot of time on your schedule. This will be a wonderful thing, but after awhile, even the two of you might get bored. The karmic lesson of being with another Taurus is needing to have something or someone to resist in order to bring out your true passion and spirit.

Gemini will often be more talk than action, so you might find yourself having to set quite an elaborate trap to get this one in your lair. Show off your collection of life-enhancing electronics, and Gemini will start to swoon. A demonstration of how the TV can be adjusted to just the right angle from your bed could get this flitting creature in the right location. Memorizing a few facts about the number of nerves in certain zones of the body might be a big help.

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Showing Gemini how they work will definitely score extra points! Gemini will teach you how to adapt to shifting circumstances and how to schmooze other people so you can get what you want in business. Looking for more love insight? However, you should be aware that Cancer is motivated by making people a part of a family that is being created through the use of a rather active fantasy life. Money and ambition are only a means for supporting said family unit.

If you do build a long-term liaison with Cancer, no one can offer you a more sheltered haven or shower you with more love. Your karmic lesson could be that having family can mean way more than just living with "dependents. You might not think this flashy person is your type, but a closer look could truly change your mind.

Leo is all about bringing out the best in people, so chances are that one of your first conversations will be a discussion of all your apparent talents. Leo loves to think that you admire everything you see and hear. As it happens, that could indeed be the case. In fact, you can always count on the possibility that Leo is thoroughly engaged in the process of self-admiration.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Short of applauding, you can show your appreciation by being more verbal about your reactions. Courage and self-love could be some things that you learn from being with Leo.


Your karmic lesson here is, giving the appearance of being fearless can scare off anybody who would try to do you harm. Virgo will be impressed by your charm and your apparent ability to take dirt and turn it into gold. Virgo is looking for someone who is honest, trustworthy and reliable.

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Luckily, you can do all of that, too! A long conversation listing your qualifications in these areas could indeed wind up being the shortcut to the bedroom. Once you begin to get romantic, remember that this seemingly frail individual is anything but.

Taurus Man In General

To Virgo, life is a continuous process of separating the wheat from the chaff. You need to know these things, as your actions and behavior are being compared almost constantly to a certain set of expectations. Virgo can be a very warm and passionate lover, but the thing that will amaze you is the amount of focus that lies behind every erotic gesture.

This gentle, very caring person is motivated by being a source of pleasure and happiness, and will scale walls and leap off any precipice to make you happy. I'm all Taurus! This is pretty spot on. And so are Bryan's comments. I'm very impulsive with things like money. I hate talking on the phone. When I love I love deep and hard. I try to put on a tough air about me but am very sensitive. Once you have me you've got me for good or until you get tired of me. This sometimes happens because I grow comfortable quickly, love routine and am more intersted in being around you for a quiet night or with you and a small group of friends rather than a wild party or night out.

I'm very romantic and sensual and would rather make love than have sex. But damn it's hard to find someone that I connect with!

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Okey so i started talking to a taurus, im a virgo ehats the problem? Well im know a taurus is a very ambitious sign right? And the thing is i have nothing going on for my self right now, no job, no school, so since i know he is a very ambitious sign i lied and said i had a job and that i was attending school, wich i will in jan, i lost my job so im going through a difficult stage of my life right now, but damn i like this guy, and i was scared he was going to reject me because of my situation what do guy think i should do other than get my!

3 Best Compatibility Matches for Taurus Zodiac Sign

My experience with starsigns. Aries - if you realize that you guys have very different view points and can accept those differences you will more than likely have a strong friendship if not relationship. Unfortunately I think libras and taureans are better off as friends. Let the Leo go.

most compatible with taurus man Most compatible with taurus man
most compatible with taurus man Most compatible with taurus man
most compatible with taurus man Most compatible with taurus man
most compatible with taurus man Most compatible with taurus man
most compatible with taurus man Most compatible with taurus man
most compatible with taurus man Most compatible with taurus man

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